You might be wondering if dental implants will suit you. You need to research thoroughly and get facts about implants before you opt for them. Unfortunately, several people shy away from implants because of the misconceptions surrounding the treatment option. You need to make informed decisions after debunking dental implant myths.

1. Dental implant surgery is painful

It is one of the most common dental implants myths you have come across. The implants require oral surgery, but modern techniques have made the procedure minimally-invasive. Besides, patients are placed under anesthesia; thus, the process is not painful. Also, oral surgery takes about one hour, and patients recover within a few days.

2. Implants are noticeable

You must have heard that implants do not look natural, which discourages people from considering this treatment option. If you have seen a metal base and thought that it was of a dental implant, then you might have probably seen a dental crown. Dental implants Toronto are natural because they use translucent porcelain. Also, patients who wear the implants do not even realize that they have them.

3. Old people are not candidates for the implants

You can never be too old for implants unless you are too young for them. Surprisingly, only young people are discouraged from the treatment option because their jawlines have not yet fully developed. But old people are the perfect candidates for the implants even if they are in their 80s.

4. The recovery time is long

Several people do not like implants because they think that they take a long time to heal after the oral surgery. Surprisingly, implants take between two to six months to heal, though it also depends on the patient. However, the extended recovery time allows the implant root to bond to the bone so that it offers a stable adhesion. Additionally, people have the notion that the titanium within the implants results to headaches, which is false.

5. Implants commonly fall out

Studies reveal that 97 percent of implants are successful. Therefore, the notion that most implants fall out is not true. You will rarely hear of implants that fall out, fail to bond with the bone or loosen unless if the dental implant was not compatible with the patient. However, most patients who undergo the procedure never experience issues with falling out and loosening of implants.

6. Implants require a lot of maintenance

The idea that implants need a lot of maintenance is false. The implants are sealed under your tooth’s crown permanently; thus, you take care of the implant the same way you do to your teeth. Surprisingly, implants require less maintenance as compared to dentures because you have to remove the latter to clean them to prevent infection.