Tooth loss is unfortunately common, and this is because it can be caused by everything from poor dental hygiene to an injury accident and more. If you have recently lost one or more teeth, you may have been told that you need dental implants from a prosthodontist, but you may not be certain that this is the right solution for you. While you may not want to live with an unsightly hole in your smile, you also do not want to rush into making a hasty decision without exploring all of the options thoroughly. After all, other options, such as partial dentures, are also available to correct tooth loss, and they offer real benefits to you as well. Exploring the options carefully will help you to make the best decision for the care of your smile.

The Cosmetic Results of Dentures and Implants
Before you make the decision to head to your prosthodontist office for dental implants, first take note of the cosmetic results of tooth loss as well as of an implant procedure. Your smile is generally one of the first things others notice about you, and the unfortunate reality is that they can judge you on the beauty of your smile. Tooth loss can have a negative impact on how others view you, and this can affect your personal as well as your professional life. There are proven methods available that will help you to enjoy the benefits of a full mouth of teeth, including implants and dentures. Continuing to compare these options will help you to decide which option to pursue.
The Physical Impact of Tooth Loss
While both implants and partial dentures may be options that you are exploring, there are considerable benefits associated with the use of dental implants. Tooth loss can ultimately result in the deterioration of your jaw bone, and this is because the tooth root is no longer anchored in this bone. Dentures simply place a tooth at the surface of the gum line with no benefit to the health of the jaw bone. Implants, on the other hand, are anchored in your bone, and this promotes optimal bone health.As you can see, both dentures and dental implants may provide the same cosmetic benefits, but there are physical health benefits that you can enjoy when you get dental implants from a prosthodontist. You can discuss these options in greater detail with your doctor. Find more online information and resources at the Prosthodontic Associates website.