You are already stressed up by the pain in your knee and you don’t need to be stressed by the pain in your wallet. Like other health issues, the cost of physiotherapy services is a concern for many people. Not all employers provide physiotherapy (or physio) benefits and not every individual can afford supplementary insurance coverage. However, there is an alternative: government funded physiotherapy services .

The Canadian government provides physio services coverage for the elderly, youth and other patient categories at various participating clinics. Here is a quick guide of what you should know to leverage on these versatile physio services:



Only individuals or patients with conditions that meet all the service descriptions qualify for government funded physio programs. To be eligible for these physio services, you must have a valid health card and referral from a nursing practitioner or physician. Other eligibility requirements include:

  • Be 65 years and above
  • Be 19 years or younger
  • Be of any age but hospitalized overnight for condition(s) that require physio services—but not eligible for other publicly funded programs
  • Recipient of Ontario Disability Support Program or Ontario Works

The programs are, however, not intended for only exercises and maintenance, or for individuals already receiving physio treatment under other government funded programs or only for assistive device assessments. For discharged patients, nonetheless, there may be other publicly funded physiotherapy program such as the Ontario Stroke Network and Quality Based Procedures for knee and hip replacement.

Services to Expect under the programs

Some of the physiotherapy services that are catered for in the program include diagnosis and treatment, assessments, rehabilitation of physical functions and mobility promotion, especially where mobility has been impaired as result of the disease or surgical procedure.

Once the therapeutic goals stipulated in the treatment plan have been accomplished, or when reasonable recovery gains can be achieved through exercise, activation, fall prevention, and other related programs, or when no more gains can be achieved from continuing physio services provision, the concerned physiotherapist is expected to discharge the patient from the program.


People who go for physiotherapy services after an injury have reported shorter recovery periods and are less likely to develop chronic pain. Accordingly, you should never let cost bar you from scouting for quality and affordable physiotherapy services or other great alternatives such as government funded physio services programs. Carry a background research on how you can take advantage of government-funded physio services to help you recover from injury, surgery or illness. In fact, if you are a senior, you can also benefit from various exercise classes that are usually integrated in these programs to keep you active, independent, and healthy.  For more information visit: