In the early times of the vape industry, the classification of vaporizers depended on their design. Today, the primary function of a vaporizer is also a factor due to the evolution of our lifestyles. To help you understand the various types currently available, listed below is a comprehensive look.

Vaporizer pens
Pen-style vaporizers emulate the style and form of a regular pen, which makes them more discreet while mimicking the shape of cigarettes. Despite its simple design, the vape pen technically is a portable device. However, its classified into an entirely separate category due to its extreme popularity. Vaporizer pens typically come in three major parts:
• Mouthpiece
• Battery
• Heating chamber
A vaporizing device features all three parts screwed together. In conventional models, a power button serves as the on/off switch. As a result, it does not allow for control of temperature adjustments, which means that the vaporizer naturally heats up as soon as you turn it on. When using this type of device, the only way of adjusting to the desired vapor density is learning how to turn the power button on and off in a perfect rhythm. When it comes to vaporizing concentrates or dry herbs, most vape pens apply the conduction principle. A vaporizer pen is classified further into oil and wax vaporizers, a dry herb vaporizer, or an all-in-one device capable of supporting any material.

• Comparatively cheaper due to the simple design.
• Extremely lightweight and portable, especially when compared to every other type of vaporizing device.

• Combustion might be an issue.

Portable vaporizers
As a lightweight, compact, and rechargeable device, this type of vaporizer is quite functional for on-the-go users. Although portable vaporizers technically include vape pens, pens get a distinct identity due to their immense popularity in the vaporizing world. Most portable vaporizing devices use butane as a source of heat and are perhaps the simplest type currently available. This type offers a plain and straightforward vaping experience without any rocket science whatsoever. To start vaping, all you need to do is put the ground herbs inside the wooden box chamber and insert the battery.

Desktop vaporizers
This type is named after its primary form and function. They come in comparatively large designs, resulting in a more powerful heating system, larger material capacity, and the addition of internal fans, at least when it comes to forced-air models. Because this kind of vaporizer requires more power to operate, constant plugging into a source of energy is necessary. Some come as forced-air models that use an internal fan to push vapors out of the chamber, providing the possibility of inflating a balloon to carry away from the vapor source. Whip-style models come in a simple design that does not feature moving parts. Unfortunately, this kind necessitates pulling the vapor manually through a whip with every single draw. For those of you interested, you can learn more information at DashVapes.